Tutorial: Rollei C41 Digibase – Colour Film Development

The Rollei C41 Digibase Kit is an excellent solution for inexperienced Lomographers wanting to develop their colour film. Unlike many other kits, this one works at lower temperatures. It has allowed me to successfully develop colour negative film, redscale film, and even cross-process slide film, all on the first go.

Before ordering this kit, I did a lot of online research on colour film development. It turns out there are two critical issues with colour film developing: the chemicals have a short shelf life, and you need to be able to work at high temperature. The Digibase C41 kit is an exception to both: it has a remarkable shelf life and, even more, necessary for the home-developer, it works over an extensive temperature range. The lucky few who have the means to heat up the solutions to a temp of 45°C can go for the rapid developing process. But even the rest of us, who are depending on a bucket of hot tap water, are all set with this kit!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
27th January 2019

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